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Maggie Paradise apartment

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Information to Consider

Avoid noise

during the rest period from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.;

Access is only

allowed to guest and no other users are allowed;

The electric control

panel is located at garage entrance near the door;

Inflatables may only

be used under adult supervision (they may move quickly in the water and cause the user to hit the deck that surrounds the pool);

The playing table ​

top can only be handled by adults, with due care, due to it's excessive weight.

Keep in mind

that the doors of the living room give direct access to the swimming pool, even indoors, it is necessary to maintain vigilance as there is a possible danger that children will fall into the swimming pool in case of opening those doors;

Avoid the presence

of children in the pool without being properly supervised by an adult;


diving (even in deeper areas);


be careful with the height of the kitchen extraction, because it's low;


do not run or jump in the deck area;

In the outdoor

area on the way to the football field there is a vegetable garden with herbs that can be used in your daily dishes (thyme, parsley, coriander, mint);

There is also

a playground (with 2 badminton balls and rackets available in the laundry area) where children's activity should also be supervised by an adult;

In the laundry area

there is a washer and dryer machine, a drying rack, ironing board and iron, inflatables, armbands and other utensils necessary for the daily use of the house;

Upstairs showers

take less time to heat than east bathrooms (this is due to the distance to the solar panel);

Game Table

(Checkers, Chess, Cards, Dominoes among others);

There is an extinguisher

in the kitchen and another on the top of the interior stairs of the house;

Swimming Pool Shower

with hot water (hot water arrival time about 2 minutes);

Switches of pool

projectors and other accessories are located at the entrance of the waste house;

Barbecue Zone

with the respective accessories and consumables (firewood, grills and skewers);

Gym area

with several machines (crosswalk, elliptical, bicycle and weight machine);

Billiard with the

respective accessories and mobile of storage (8 tacos, chalk, billiard balls and cleaning brush);

First aid kit

is in the pantry next to the kitchen;

Madeira Sun Travel

Availability of the House


Pool Rules

swimming pool will not be granted to users who do not offer guarantees for the necessary hygiene of the premises and that, because of their condition, may disturb the order or tranquillity of the neighbours;

allowed to enter the pool of people who are notoriously drunk or under the influence of drugs, or who disturb the order or tranquillity of the neighbours;

pool without going through and using the foot-washing and shower area;


and streetwear in the Deck area;

design water for the outside of the pool;

of games and use of objects that may harm other users;

swimming or diving goggles if they are made of glass and the use of fins;


users may be required to provide a medical statement proving their health status.​

with transmissible diseases, as well as inflammations or diseases of the skin, eyes, ears and nasal passages, injuries or other contagious diseases is prohibited, otherwise they will incur legal penalties;​

any type of drink throughout the pool area, as well as the abandonment of waste outside the trash receptacles;

on premises, including gardens;

children under the age of twelve without being properly accompanied by adult (s);

permanence of outsiders to the services, in the technical areas reserved for them;

water disturbing other users and neighbours;

other behaviours that endanger the physical integrity of other users and neighbours;

general behaviour of maximum correction throughout the Villa, do not shout or speak loudly, do not leave water from the showers or running taps, or spreading water to the outside;

the pool should wear a suitable bathing suit – slip type or lycra shorts for men, full bathing suit or swimming bikini for ladies;

decorative or sharp objects that could cause injury directly or indirectly;

oils or any other products that could damage the hygiene and quality of the pool water;

the Host of any faults, incidents or anomalies you notice at the premises you are using;

bathing suits that run into the water, are not cleaned properly and look tattered or unsuitable for use in the pool;

foot-washing and shower before entering the swimming pool, in order to guarantee a better hygiene of the same;

pool if you cannot swim unless accompanied;

all the legitimate recommendations and indications made available in the rules of the house;

your feet before entering the House.


Duties and obligations of users

Trash Collection

by the Funchal City Hall  (to be able to collect them, they must leave their containers at the entrance of the house)

Tuesday from 8:00 AM: Packing, Glass and Cardboard

Monday and Thursday from 8:00 am: General Waste

House Contacts
(+351) 910 770 231

Estrada Ponta da Oliveira, Edificio Paradisus Bloco B 1º andar porta B1F 9125-035, Caniço de Baixo